Union Advocate, Hilda Solis, Named as Next Secretary of Labor

Rep. Hilda Solis was named Friday as President-Elect Obama’s choice for Secretary of Labor.  He nominated the Democratic congresswoman at a news conference on Friday, December 19, 2008.   The Hilda nomination was very popular with the unions.  The four-term politician has voted pro-union nearly 100% of the time during her eight-years as congresswoman in Los Angeles, California. 

And Solis isn’t shy about her union loyalties.  At the conference, she stated, “I am humbled and honored. . . As secretary of labor, I will work to strengthen our unions.”  American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell called Solis “a great choice” who “brings the expertise and leadership required to a department in desperate need of reform and will champion common sense policies like the Employee Free Choice Act to restore balance and create an economy that works for everyone.”

The unions have lots of good things to say in return, too.  See the following union websites for the glowing reviews: SEIU, Unite to Win, American Rights at Work, and Change to Win.

Solis is also known for her successful campaign to increase California’s minimum wage from $4.25 to $5.75 in 1996.  In addition to her deep roots in the union movement, Solis has long been branded as an ardent environmentalist, who has pushed hard for the “green job movement.”