Is a Happy Workforce the Best Defense Against a Union Revival?

The Employee Free Choice Act and RESPECT Act are causing lots of employers some sleepless nights.  At our breakfast briefing last week, YCST Employment Law attorneys spoke on the pro-union legislation that can be expected once President-Elect Obama takes office next month. These two pieces of legislation pose real risks to the nonunion workplace and they have lots of employers looking for preventative solutions. j0384726

Michael Moore at the Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Law Blog has made an interesting proposal.  He asks whether employee-engagement surveys may be the answer to combating union-organizing efforts. A fascinating and insightful idea!  In short, the proposal requires us to acknowledge the value of a happy workforce.  Happy workers who are engaged in their work and look forward to going work everyday don’t want their environment to change–through unionization or otherwise. Satisfied workers are less likely to be susceptible to the organizing efforts that are certain to increase in 2009.

I think Michael has the right idea and that employers should give serious consideration to the idea of utilizing employee-engagement efforts as a strategy in preventing a unionized workplace.

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