Can Desk Treadmills Help Employees Walk Away From Cancer?

Employee wellness programs are great.  Employers like the cost reductions in insurance and related health-care costs.  Employees like to be able to shoot hoops at lunch or take a yoga class on-site after work.  But what about wellness while you work?  The idea of the treadmill-desk is one I’ve posted about before.   (See These Pumps Were Made for Walkin’).  “Walkstations,” as they’re known, have been touted as the missing link between a truly obtainable harmony between wellness and the daily corporate grind. Walking At Work: The Best Medicine

Now, the makers of Trekdesk claim that the benefits of walking while you work are even more substantial.  According to a promotion for the company, you can walk your way to thinness by losing one to two pounds per week, or more, without dieting.  It can help you sleep through the night, help correct back problems, improve your mood, and even reverse and delay aging.  And, according to the manufacturer, “Walking has been shown to prevent colon, prostate and breast cancer along with a multitude of other diseases.”  Hence, employees who walk will be helping to prevent cancer.  Pretty lofty claims.

In the end, I am more than a little skeptical of the validity of these expectations.  But, I’m not skeptical about the potential impact on productivity and general health that can result from regular exercise.  Not that I’m committing to the purchase of a TrekDesk quite yet–after all, there are no prices listed on the manufacturer’s website.  But I’m willing to keep an open mind. when it comes to wellness.

One thought on “Can Desk Treadmills Help Employees Walk Away From Cancer?

  1. I liked this post and looked up the TrekDesk. Turns out the claims are legitimate. They are backed by studies on the impact of walking on cancer. Treadmill desks let you walk so there is the connection. I emailed them for a price too. $479 retail, about 1/10 of that of competition.


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