December 12: Breakfast Briefing on Proposed Union Legislation

The Employee Free Choice Act and the RESPECT Act are considered priorities in 2009 by members of Congress and President-elect Barack Obama.

If approved, these acts would significantly change labor-management relations under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) by:

  • making it easier for unions to organize employees;
  • requiring binding arbitration of first contracts after 120 days;
  • increasing penalties for certain unfair labor practices; and
  • changing the definition of “supervisor” dividing loyalties of supervisors between the company and the union.

What will changes to the NLRA mean for employers’ bargaining power?  What strategies can be implemented by employers who wish to remain union-free?

Join us for a panel discussion about these important labor and employment law changes.  During our discussions, we also plan to talk about other labor and employment legislation that is likely to be enacted in the next year, including:

Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act – improve plaintiffs’ chances of winning pay discrimination claims

Civil Rights Act of 2008 – would remove $300,000 cap on damages under Title VII and the ADA

The Working Families Flexibility Act – employees can request modification of work hours, schedule or location and require meetings and explanations for denials

The Forewarn Act – reduces WARN Act coverage to employers of 50 employees, and extends notice period to 90 days (from the current 60).

Barry M. Willoughby will moderate the panel, which will include attorneys Sheldon N. Sandler, William W. Bowser, and Scott A. Holt.  The program is free, so don’t delay because it’s likely to fill quickly.

Event Web Page:  The Coming Union Revival Effort: What Labor & Employment Law Changes to Expect

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