Presidential Staff Job Applications Dig Deep Into Off-Duty Conduct

Potential job candidates beware: your Facebook page is not off limits.  At least that’s the case if you’re applying for a job in Presidential-elect Obama’s administration.  Candidates for Cabinet and other high-ranking positions must complete a seven-page, 63-item questionnaire, which asks questions about almost every imaginable detail of their personal lives.

Some of the areas on the application include:

  • real estate and financial investments;
  • involvement in civil or criminal lawsuits;
  • immigration of any domestic help they may have hired;
  • names and phone numbers of past live-in lovers;
  • whether any family member owns a gun; and
  • financial and tax information.

One of the more unusual topics on the questionnaire is a real “sign of the times.”  Potential candidates must disclose Facebook pages and blogs.  CNN reports that job applicants will need to turn over any and all information that could potentially cause embarrassment to the next administration, including their social networking pages–past or present.

So, will this silence some of the critics who advocate against employers who run Facebook and MySpace searches on candidates?  If it’s a suitable background-check method for potential members of the presidential Cabinet and international ambassadors, doesn’t it seem like a reasonable idea for potential members of your organization?

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