SHRM Poll Says Pink Is the New Black This Holiday Season

The Society of Human Resources (“SHRM”), reports that that Human Resource professionals are preparing for tough times as the holiday season approaches. The results of a recent workplace poll warns that many HR professionals think they will be playing the role of Scrooge by handing out pink slips. The poll indicates 39 percent of HR professionals think that layoffs are “likely” should economic conditions continue to deteriorate.  LAYOFF NOTICE

The poll also contained the following chilling actions as “likely” in their organizations if things don’t improve:

70 percent of HR professionals feel budget cuts across entire organizations will occur
50 percent says bonuses will be cut
45 percent say wages will be frozen
55 percent say hiring freezes will be imposed.

On a lighter note, attorneys William W. Bowser and Scott A. Holt will present The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Employment Law Update 2008 at the 8th annual Delaware SHRM conference on November 18 and 19. This year, the program will be held at the Clayton Hall Conference Center at the University of Delaware. This yearly update is a great way to get up-to-speed on the many important developments from the last twelve months–in the courts and legislatures of Delaware and nation wide.

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