Bringing Babies to Work Is a Bad Idea

Bringing babies to work is a bad idea.  Please, don’t do it.  Think of your colleagues and their hectic workdays at the office, where the phone rings about every 32 minutes, where the new-email alert pops up more than 200 times each time, and where the space just outside of their office door could easily be mistaken for La Guardia airport–everyone’s circling, waiting for a space on the runway to open up so they can land and unload their passengers. 

There is no sanity for your colleagues who have to deal with constant chaos–even if it’s well-managed chaos.  Crying babies, cute babies, either one would be too much. 

Yet, in an article on the NYT blog, Motherlode, Lisa Belkin interviews Carla Moquin, the founder of the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, who claims that the bring-your-baby-to-work concept is a good one.  Thankfully, I am not alone. The bloggers at Ask the Manager agree, well, mostly, in the post, bringing babies to work.

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