PowerPoint and Handouts from “Drafting Your Employee Handbook” Seminar

Drafting Your Employee Handbook is the title of an employment-law seminar I presented to two Delaware employers earlier this week.  The materials and PowerPoint slides from the seminar are linked below for your reference.

This includes a number of policies, separated into various categories.  The first three categories specifically address common issues faced by Delaware employers.

  • There are 10 of the policies I consider to be the “must-have” policies.  There are 5 pay-related policies because, in Delaware, that information must be provided to employees in writing at the time of hire.
  • The required pay information includes pay rate, pay period, place of payment, method of payment, any other benefits, including sick and vacation time, and the name and phone number of the individual who can be contacted with questions.  As a back-up, you can put most of this information in the handbook.
  • There are also 5 technology policies that have been issues for so many employers but that still seem not to be included in most employee handbooks.

The rest of the policies are grouped by general category type.  Under each category type are some of the most commonly used policies.  Often I hear that employers just don’t know what kinds of policies are out there and they need to see some samples to get ideas for what they may and may not want to include in their own handbooks.  The seminar handbook should help.