Another Private School Sued by EEOC, this time for Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination is the wrong being alleged by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), against not-for-profit company, Imagine Schools, Inc., which is one of the largest operators of charter and private schools in the country.  The company, based in Virginia, is alleged to failed to hire two women for administrative positions at the Renaissance Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, because they wee pregnant.  The Renaissance Academy was the rebirth of Southwest Charter School in Kansas City, which had lost its charter.  Both women worked at Southwest prior to its closing. 

The EEOC recently filed suit against a private school in Maryland, alleging that it failed to renew a teacher’s contract after learning that he was HIV positive. (See EEOC Files Suit Alleging School Fired Teacher for Being HIV Positive).