AARP Announces Best Employers for Workers Over 50

Employers must recruit and retain Generation Y employees to stay current in the rapidly evolving workplace.  Equally important is the ability of employers to engage and utilize its older workers.  Employers are scrambling to find ways to harvest the knowledge of older workers before being faced with the impending brain drain.  All around, it’s in the best interest of employers to provide a workplace that will attract older workers.    image

These factors make the AARP’s recent award, 2008 Best Employers For Workers Over 50, particularly timely.  Cornell University topped the list and was recognized for its health and wellness programs, which include health screenings and counseling, multiple fitness centers, as well as group nutrition and aerobics classes.

On its website, the AARP has published a helpful summary of the features common to the 50 winners. 

[H/T to the Aging Workforce News Blog, which consistently publishes timely and helpful information on issues facing employers as they deal with new generational challenges.]

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