Office Workers Up In Arms Over the Stolen-Lunch Crisis

Sound the Cubicle Battle Cry!  You’ve been victimized once again by the Refrigerator Raider.  After you waited patiently through the tedious morning hours, the noon hour has at long last arrived.  As you speed-walk to the kitchen, your mouth begins to water at the thought of the heavenly goodness you’re about to enjoy in the form of a turkey sandwich, cheese and mustard, on rye toast.  Heaven. 

But, your heat rate quickens as you push through the plastic grocery-store bag that contains a peach-flavored La Yogurt, or a brown bag that is home to a lone single-wrapped slice of American cheese and a can of Diet Coke.  Where is your lunch?  The sandwich that you made with your own two hands–even taking the time to toast the bread.  For the love of God, is there no mercy?

No.  There is no mercy when the office thief attacks the fridge and your lunch becomes a fallen victim.

If your lunch has ever been pilfered by a criminally inclined coworker, this is a story for you.  Over the summer, we learned that office workers across the country have had their brown bags burglarized by a stealthy sneak of an employee.  (See Just Put Down the Brown Bag and Slowly Step Away From the Lunch).  According to one survey, workers almost unanimously agree that the lunch-box thief is the lowest of the low.

Well here is a solution–a way to fight back!  Courtesy of Lifehacker, an Anti-Theft Lunch Bag to deter sandwich thieves in corporate office parks across the country.   Instead of trying to prevent them from stealing your coveted mid-day meal, instead, convince the devilish office gremlins that they don’t really want to steal your lunch.

It’s brilliant, isn’t it?  Rise up, office mates!  Raise up your plastic cutlery in unison!  Demand better!  Demand that your turkey-on-rye never again be snatched from its home on the middle shelf!

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