Gen Y Demands Employers Open the Checkbook for Technology Requests

gen_yAttention, Employers.  Your Millennial workforce has an important message for you–one that you’ll need to get loud and clear if you want to remain competitive in attracting the massive wave of talent currently graduating from college.  So what’s the message?

Well, what’s important is not so much the message, really, but how they’re going to be communicating it.  The message is going to be coming through via Wikis, Blogs, and Social Networking sites.  Instant Messaging and Text Messaging will also be the way your future workforce will communicate its needs and demands through the chain of command.  And those employers who aren’t equipped to deal with this change to its infrastructure will be left behind.   

The reality is, today’s newest employees, known as “Generation Y”, are known for their need for speed–on the information highway.  They’re about as comfortable as one can get with the idea of technology.  They embrace–instead of reject–the idea of rapid technology changes.  In fact, technology is such an integral part of the daily lives of Millennials that you shouldn’t be surprised when you start to get questions about your organization’s technology from recruits.

As reported in PC World, Gen Y employees have a laundry list of technology-related demands that must be met in order to have some chance at job satisfaction.  Employers who don’t offer virtual learning, internal social networks, or are unwilling to spend the money and time needed to get these essentials will be unable to recruit and retain the best and the brightest young employees