Campaign Trails: One Question for the Candidates

j038Connecticut Employment Law Blog’s Dan Schwartz has issued a challenge to his readers, which include more than a few fellow employment-law bloggers.  He’s asked, what one question regarding labor and employment law would you ask the candidates?

I am glad to oblige, of course.  That being said, I can hardly be described as a fervent political observer.  So I think I’ll leave the tough questions to the brains in the group like John Phillips,  favorite employment-law blogger, at The Word on Employment Law.  Instead, I’d ask questions that reflect the state of the workplace today.  And I’d ask both presidential candidates the same question in reverse.  Here goes:

To Biden:  How much will you miss the First State?   [And don’t give me a hard time about the non-question.  I mean, really, how often do we Delawareans have a hometown player in the national political arena??]

To McCain:  If elected, you will be the oldest person ever inaugurated as president.  Your running mate, Sarah Palin, is the youngest person ever to hold the office of governor in the State of Alaska.  Based on your working relationship with Governor Palin, what role do you predict the generational divide may play in the workplace?

To Obama:  You are the youngest Democratic presidential candidate in history.  Your running mate, Senator Joe Biden, has served in the Senate for 35 years.  Based on your working relationship with Senator Biden, what role do you predict the generational divide may play in the workplace?

To Palin: You were back to work just one day after the birth of your fourth child and just three days after the birth of your fifth child.  Each time, you brought your infant with you to the Governor’s office while you worked.  Would the current demand for work-life balance and alternative work schedules be benefited by allowing parents to bring infants and small children to the workplace, such as through employer-sponsored, on-site daycare?