New Resource for Reference Checks

Background checks have been so popular on the Delaware Employment Law Blog that they could almost make up a blog all by themselves.  Lucky for us, we don’t have to.  Nick Fishman and his group have the topic of background checks all wrapped up at the EmployeeScreen IQ Blog.  Nick’s content is always top-notch but this new endeavor appears to be hard to beat. 

EmployeeScreen IQ Blog has launched the EmployeeScreen University.  As described on the blog, EmployeeScreen Univ. is a “first of its kind interactive, educational Web site for security, risk management and human resource professionals that features regularly updated, free background-screening information; all aimed to help hiring managers make better hiring decisions.”  The new site is intended to act as a comprehensive resource for all things related to background checks, references, employee screening, and pre-hire testing.

Recently, the site has added a few exciting new features, including a Guest Articles section, where you can find articles written from a “unique point of view about background checks and, or other related topics from industry insiders and experts.

Sample of Guest Contributors includes:

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