Conclusive Proof that Employers Should Screen Applicants with Social Networking Sites

Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites should be used as applicant-screening tools.  And here is conclusive proof–the Burger King-Tub Boy, a/k/a, “Mr. Unstable,” Timothy Tackett.

Tackett, 25, posted a video to his MySpace page, showing him taking a “bath” in the sink.  The sink, though, was in his employer’s restaurant at the time he bathed in it.  In the nearly four-minute video, “Mr. Unstable” is seen bathing in a bubble-filled utility sink at the Burger King in Xenia, Ohio, where he had been employed.  Predictably, Tackett and four to five other employees on the midnight shift were terminated days after the video was posted.

So what’s the take-away lesson from this unappetizing story? 

First, this is a lesson to our Gen Y friends and coworkers–yes, we mean it when we say that your social-networking escapades are not as private as you think.

Second, these fiascos not only might prevent you from getting hired but also can get you fired if your employer learns of off-duty conduct that turns its corporate stomach.

Third, this should serve as a poignant example of why employers must be knowledgeable with Web 2.0.  Your employees are online.  Employers, you need to be online, too.

{There’s no more excuses that you “don’t know how” to use the social networking sites.  Just watch the step-by-step video tutorial, How to Set Up a Facebook Account for Applicant Screening}