Sexual Harassment Ensures Survival of Human Race (in Russia)

Sexual harassment in the workplace is considered inappropriate and unlawful.  Well, at least in this country it is.  But, according to a Russian judge, it is absolutely okay, and even an act of chivalry, to sexually harass your female workers. He reasoned that without harassment, the human race would come to an end. 

Russia has no laws against sexual harassment, and only two Russian women have ever won a sexual harassment case.  And that’s not because it doesn’t happen there.  A recent survey found that “100% of female professionals said they had been subjected to sexual harassment by their bosses, 32% said they had had intercourse with them at least once and another 7% claimed to have been raped.”

How this serves to preserve the human race I’m not sure.  But it does give me another reason to appreciate the American workplace.