Award Winning HR and Employment-Law Blog Posts

I was so inspired by a recent post by my fellow labor- and employment-law blogger, Jon Hyman, at the Ohio Employment Law Blog, that I’m going to copy it straight away.  Last week, Jon hosted the latest edition of the Blawg Review and did a bang-up job. In the spirit of the Olympics, he “awarded medals” to the great bloggers for that edition.  Nothing quite beats a great metaphor.


Although I’m not doing anything close to as comprehensive as Jon’s post, I’m going to offer a mini-review and award my own gold medals, so to speak. What’s that they say about the best form of flattery? Ok, fine, I won’t outright steal it, but I’ll take great poetic license with his idea.  Better?

Congratulations to all of the “winners” who continue to produce more and more “must read” material.

Winners of the “Insightful Post” Category:

Dan Schwartz at the CT Employment Law Blog posted an insightful piece on one of my favorite topics–fairness in the workplace.  Rachel Robbins at The Employment File for being smart and brave enough to recognize that Being a Supervisor Is Hard.  I wish all of my clients’ supervisors would remember this when the going gets tough.  Supervisors get to be supervisors because they’re better at the hard stuff.  It’s a blessing and a curse but, either way, it’s part of the job. 


Winners in the “Importance-of-Training” Competition:

Effortless HR shows how to retain employees with continuous training–even in a bad economy.  KnowHR also touts the importance of training, this time for bad behavior. The post makes a very convincing argument for the need to offer special classes like “Passive Aggressive Behavior for the Disaffected Manager” and “How to Make Yourself Look Like You’re Doing Something So You Can Keep Your Job.”  And YourHRGuy puts a real spin on the link between Gen Y and training.  Lisa’s Generation Relations Blog has a guest post on the importance of sexual-harassment training as Gen Y enter the workforce without any prior professional experience.


Awards for the Most Helpful Internet Resource:

The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog’s post on using Google Earth as a trial tool. The Legal Writing Profs Blog post alerting us to HeinOnline’s new Facebook page, which apparently has oodles of resources and innovative uses of technology in legal research. 


The Posts That Gave the Best Real-World Advice:

Lynne Gaetner-Johnson’s post, The “Please Advise” Habit, in which she advocates for the use of caution when using the phrase, “Please advise” in business correspondence.  Indeed, it is a bad habit for many.  But for some, it is code language for “I’m your superior and here’s how I assert authority over you in a very passive-aggressive way.”  Please, listen to Ms. Gaetner-Johnson’s words of caution.  Patrick Williams at Guerrilla HR, has renamed Generation Y as Generation W, as in “What the Hell?”, has a laugh-riot style post that nails the generational frustrations right on the head.  And EmployeeScreen IQ has a whole slew of posts on the importance of background checks and reveals just how prevalent falsified resumes really are.  This is a topic that William W. Bowser and I will be hammering home during this Thursday’s audioconference on Using MySpace and Facebook to Screen Job Applicants.