Beijing Takes the Fashion-Police Concept to a Whole New Level

For all of the dress-code talk lately, I’d guess there’s no dress code quite like the one in Beijing.  In preparing for the Olympics, Beijingers have been instructed to put on their Sunday best.  And for those HR Specialists who thought that specificity in dress codes is just plain impossible, there are some Beijing government officials who would disagree.


Here are some of the examples of the attire-centric advice contained in the 4 million booklets that have been distributed:

  1. Do not wear too many colors (generally not more than three);
  2. Avoid white socks with black shoes;
  3. Pajamas and slippers should not be worn in public.

[Source: AP at MSNBC,  Beijingers Get Dress Code Advice for the Olympics]

There has been no mention, though, of a prohibition against those man-shorts that John Phillips and I have both discussed.  What can we say?  Fashion is tricky–for employers and for government of the largest country in Asia.

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