What Does It Take to Be “Best Place to Work”?

ing_image_thumbWant to know what it takes to be voted best place to work?  Ask the healthy employees of Wilmington, Delaware-based internet bank, ING Direct.  The healthy-factor is no coincidence.  ING takes its employees’ wellness very seriously.


The bank has a full-time doctor and nurse in the building for employees’ immediate access.  And employees can use the company’s full-scale gym.  Known as The Energy Zone, the gym offers a variety of group fitness classes such as yoga and spinning, and even organizes a running club.  For $10 per month, employees can use the gym before, during, and after work–including weekends.  The Wellness Center offers weight-loss programs, access to personal trainers and cholesterol monitoring.

According to the respondents, the good stuff doesn’t stop at the doors of the Wellness Center, though.  81% think they have a great physical work environment.  And 85% feel their benefits package is good compared to others in their industry.  92% said they are proud to work for ING and 81% said they are motivated to give their best.  86% believe in the mission and the strategy–reporting that they feel that the company is moving in the right direction.

The bank is known for doing things its own way, which has turned out to be a very effective way for ING.  Since it opened in 2000, the bank has grown to more than 6.8 million account holders.  All without a single branch.  ING also prides itself in treating all of its 1,108 employees equally.  Instead of formal titles, employees work in a certain department–where managers sit in cubicles next to their direct reports.

Innovation is working for ING–and for its healthy employees.