November 12: Wage and Hour Master Class

Scott A. Holt and Molly DiBianca will be presenting a full-day, fast-paced, and highly interactive seminar on wage-and-hour compliance to employers on November 12, 2008.  The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), has been the basis of newsmaking class-action lawsuits across the country, resulting in astronomical jury verdicts and settlement figures.  As a business owner, executive, or HR Generalist, the FLSA is an essential employment law with serious–but avoidable–consequences.

This is a great way to get up to date on the topic or to jump in, feet first, if you’re new to the ins and outs of this important federal law.  The Seminar Agenda is packed with coverage of the most misunderstood and difficult-to-apply aspects of the law.  Just a few of the topics include:

  • how to manage compensation for eight activities that have recently faced court challenges, such as volunteer time, meal and rest breaks, and traveling;
  • when to pay overtime and how to control overtime abuse;
  • learn how bonuses, tips, commissions, and other pay differentials should be calculated into overtime compensation;
  • what it really means to be an exempt employee and how to determine whether your employees have been misclassified, and what to do if they are.

The seminar will be held on November 12, 2008, at the Holiday Inn Select in Wilmington, Delaware.  Online registration is open and the complete agenda is now available.  The cost is $327 per person, or, if two or more people from the same organization attend, the cost is just $227 per additional attendee.  The cost of registration also includes comprehensive materials that you can use as a desktop reference.

M. Lee Smith’s Master Class seminars are one of the only ways to get in-depth access to the most challenging employment laws.  And that probably explains why seats fill up so quickly, so be sure to register soon.  The FLSA Master Class Brochure contains all of the pertinent details, as well as a topic overview.