Promises to Working Women in the U.S. from a Presidential Hopeful

Working families, especially women who work outside the home, want to know what the presidential candidates have on their respective agendas that will affect the workplace.  Barack Obama has begun to address some of the employment-related portions of his campaign platform.

On July 28, 2008, Barack Obama unveiled the blueprint for his Plan to Support Working Women and Families. In it, Barack promises many changes to improve the lives of working women in America – among them include:

  • Expand FMLA coverage to cover employers with 25 or more employees (currently it only covers employers with 50 or more employees) and to cover additional purposes including participation in children’s school-related activities
  • Encourage states to adopt paid leave with fund to assist states with start-up costs
  • Protect against caregiver discrimination by enforcing the recently enacted guidelines on Caregiver Discrimination
  • Expand flexible work arrangements with the federal government leading by example on flexible work arrangements and telecommuting.

If Barack wins the presidency, it will be interesting to see how many of these agenda items he follows through with. Obviously, it could mean big changes for American employers. Stay tuned!