Legal Update: New I-9 Form . . . Oh, Never Mind

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) released the new I-9 form in the end of June.  There weren’t any changes to the form other than the expiration date.  Why bother, you ask?  Good question.  Initially, the Paperwork Reduction Act required it.  Under the Act, all government forms must carry an expiration date.  And the I-9 expired on June 30, 2008. 

But then, last week, it was announced that the “new” form was being retracted.  So, in case you are now twice as confused, here’s the bottom line:  Any I-9 form with a publication date of 06/05/07 or later is acceptable.  Even if the expiration date has passed.  In other words, the expiration dates don’t matter (for now, anyway).  But the publication date does.

You can download the

You can also download it from the USCIS website (

The USCIS site also provides an I-9 form in Spanish.

Now, hang in there, this may be a little tricky.  Despite having it linked from its website, the USCIS will not accept the Spanish version. (Unless you live in Puerto Rico). Why bother posting it on the site, you ask?  Again, good question.  The idea is that you can provide any Spanish-speaking employees with the Spanish version of the form for their reference.  But the English version needs to be the one the employer actually retains.

Whew!  Good thing the Paperwork Reduction Act is here to help.

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