I Didn’t Want to Talk to You, Anyway.

Your Gen Y employees will love this–and so will the rest of us.  Gen Y has a notorious aversion to face-to-face interaction. I suppose it’s natural, given the role that Instant Messaging and E-mail have played.  And from what I can tell, the phone is the worst.  Don’t get me wrong, they’ll call their friends and talk for days.  In the workplace, e-mail is the preferred choice and telephone correspondence seems to be a real inconvenience.  Especially if, and I shudder to say it, someone actually picked up when you called.  Horror!  Well now there’s a solution for this serious problem.

SMS text marketing

SlyDial lets you call a mobile phone and go directly to voicemail. You’ll never again have to worry that a voice on the other end of the line might pick up and expect you to talk.  It’s a remarkably easy tool to use.  The only down side is the long-distance call you’re required to make. 

Your stealth voicemail is just two steps away:

1. Call Slydial (267-Sly-Dial or 267-759-3425).

2. When prompted, enter the phone number where you want to leave your message.  Remember, it works for mobile lines only.