Here’s to Dads and Kids–Just another post about the FMLA

Congratulations to Jon Hyman, of the Ohio Employment Law Blog, who celebrated the birth of his son, Donovan Joseph Hyman, earlier this week!!  And, wouldn’t you know it, being the dedicated blogger that he is, Jon actually tied the joyous occasion to an employment-related topic–the FMLA!  And, if you can even believe it, earlier this week, my office cheered on William W. Bowser, a partner in our Group, when he managed to pull off the unimaginable–tying together Brangelina and the birth of their twins, to the FMLA!  I kid you not.

So, to read about a real-life FMLA scenario that can match just about any set of facts your employees might throw at you, check out William W. Bowser post, Brad + Angelina + twins = One Great FMLA Hypothetical .  And, for the scoop on intermittent leave under the FMLA, see Jon’s post called, Dads Get FMLA, too, (and while you’re at it, drop a comment with a congratulations on his exciting arrival!).

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