August 14: Click Here for Lawsuit–Applicant Screening With Google & MySpace

internet_searchUpcoming employment-law audio conference.  August 14, 2008, William W. Bowser and Molly DiBianca will be discussing the pros and cons of using the internet for recruiting and screening efforts.  The audio conference is hosted by HR Hero and is approved for HRIC credit.


Learn how far you can go without risking legal liability and what to consider when deciding whether to employ these strategies.

  • When Google and other social networking sites can be a useful tool for HR
  • Why some information found on social networking sites may be too dangerous to be considered in the hiring process
  • How using the Internet to screen job candidates could lead to complaints of hiring discrimination
  • How to handle information found online that you would never ask about in an interview
  • What to do if an applicant claims that your Internet background check constitutes an invasion of privacy
  • The likelihood of being led astray — positively or negatively — by online information
  • What the current Internet search debate says about generational conflicts in the workplace
  • The roles of organizations, such as ReputationDefender, that work to find and remove an individual’s negative online content

The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, August 14, 2008, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Eastern).  To register for, Click Here for Lawsuit:  Applicant Screening with Google and MySpace.