Lock Down the Office Supplies–Here Come Undervalued Employees

pencilsEmployees who feel cheated by their employers have their own way of fighting back.  According to a new survey, employees who believe that they are not properly compensated (either in money or in positive feedback), will find other ways of getting paid.  And it starts in the office-supply cabinet.


The survey reports that nearly 20 percent of American workers take office supplies and only 22 percent of those who do feel bad about it.  But 74 percent knew that stealing is wrong. 

The most popular goods to steal are:

  • pens, pencils, and rules (67%);
  • paper and Post-its (57%); and
  • calculators, staplers and tape dispensers (11%).

The theft of expensive items, though, such as laptops, PDAs, or cell phones, has increased this year from 8% to 15%.

According to HR Executive, theft can be attributed to “stress, long hour, and an inflexible schedule.”  People were more likely to adhere to ethical standards if they had a healthy work-life balance.  Employees who don’t feel appreciated return the favor by hurting the company in return.