Who Wears Sweaters in the Summer? Chilly Office Workers, that’s Who

What’s the #1 complaint about workplace conditions?  Chilly temperatures.  A segment on the Today Show, “Is Your Office Too Chilly?” confirms William Bowser comments in an earlier post, Is It Just Me Or Is It Hot In Here? What’s the Deal With the Office Thermostat? about employees who complain about the frigid conditions they face throughout the year. 

freezing thermometer

The program featured a segment about the perpetually cold offices and the lengths to which employees will go to warm up.  From fleece jackets, to wooly blankets, to portable space heaters, nothing is much when it comes to temperature. 

The segment also mentioned the study to which Bill earlier referred–that cold temperatures make employees less productive.

And, to end the dispute once and for all (yeah, right), they give us the “ideal temperature” for an office environment:  Between 69-70 degrees.  Even then, though, there will still be 10% of the office population who is unhappy.  5% will be too cold and 5% will be too hot. 

The Office Thermostat Wars will have to continue for now.