More Employers Giving the Gift of Wellness–via gift cards

Wellness programs, which are commonplace in corporate America, come in every variety. Some focus on certain unhealthy lifestyle choices, like smoking or lack of exercise.  Others target a certain rrsult, like lowering cholesterol or reducing blood pressure. And there are different ways to achieve these objectives–there are carrot programs that use reward-based incentives, stick programs that use punishment-based incentives, and programs that use a combination of both. A recent study of America’s large employers show that wellness programs that use reward-based incentives are on the rise. 

 carrot_and_stick Here are some of the statistics from the survey:

  • 75% of large employers offer formal health and wellness programs
  • 50% have disease-management programs
  • $100-$300 in incentives is awarded per employee each year
  • Top 3 incentives: Gift cards, cash bonuses, and health-care-premium reductions
  • 28% of these employers give give cards as incentives (up from 17% last year)
  • 25% have successfully measured their ROI (up from 14% last year)
  • 83% came out ahead of even (up from 66% last year)
  • Maintaining employee motivation and measuring ROI were the two biggest challenges employers faced

When it comes to employee-wellness programs,for now, the carrot takes the day.

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