Free Teleconference: Generation Y …. What Do They Really Want

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Women’s Bureau will offer a free teleconference on June 19 2-3 pm EDT.  The topic of the free teleconference is Flex Options, Generation Y . . . What Do They Really Want. The DOL’s website describes the program as a talk from the perspective of large and small businesses – and Generation Y employees – about the roles that workplace culture, flexibility and career development play in recruiting and retaining the best talent.

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The three speakers include Ann Ivey, of Anna Ivey Consulting, a former lawyer and dean of admissions at a top-ten law school, Ivey now focuses on admissions consulting. 

Elizabeth Kennard is a specialist for Starbucks’ Emerging Workforce Center of Excellence.  Kennard’s responsibilities include the development of workplace flexibility and multigenerational workforce strategies.

Dennis Loney is the Employment Practices Specialist at Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), working to ensure that the co-op’s practices are cutting-edge and aligned with its values. 

This is a very hot topic right now and seems to be infiltrating more and more areas of the business world.  You can register for teleconference through the following link:

Women’s Bureau (WB) – Flex Options Teleconference Call – Generation Y …. What Do They Really Want