Bad Reason #29 to Fire an Employee

There are good reasons to terminate an employee.  There are also plenty of bad reasons.  And then there are really bad reasons.  This story is an example of the latter. 

cops for cancer 2

A waitress in Owen Sound, Ontario, was “laid off” after she had her head shaved for a cancer fundraising event.

Stacey Fearnall (pictured) raised more than $2,700 for charity, but when she showed up for work and refused to sport a wig for her shift, her boss told her to take the summer off.

Her employer, Dan Hilliard, says his restaurant has certain standards prohibiting men from wearing earrings and requiring employees to keep their hair at a reasonable length.  Should she agree to wear a wig during her shifts, she’s welcome to return.  If not, she should consider herself unemployed until her hair regrows to a “reasonable length.”

Hillard acknowledges that his decision to not let Fearnall return to work has been a bit of a public relations disaster. But he stands by it nonetheless, insisting that he has received support from some customers who agree with him and say they would have been “appalled” to have been served at Fearnall’s table. 

He also claims that Fearnall, a 27-year-old mother who also works a a plant nursery and as a caterer, was told in advance that the restaurant owners wouldn’t be pleased if she participated in the fundraiser and suggested she find alternative ways to support the cause.

Maybe it’s just me but do any of these “reasons” sound legitimate?  This is yet another example of when something can be legally viable and just plain dumb at the same time. 



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