You Know You’re a Bad Manager When. . . Mutiny at the Post Office

Good management is learned.  No one is born a good manager.  But we learn as we go. Well, at least some of us do. Others maybe haven’t gotten that far.  And how do you know which one of the two categories you’re in?  For one Post Office manager, the signs are pretty clear.SF Postal workers picket bc bully boss

Earlier this month, about 100 postal workers put up a lively picket line that stretched half a block long.  And what were they protesting?  Their boss.

That’s right, the employees had established an informational picket demanding that an abusive supervisor be removed.  Their signs read, “Ron Malig Is Hostile and Cruel,” “It’s Impossible to Work With Ron Malig.”

A press release issued by the picketers read: “His behavior there was chronically abusive and resulted in numerous grievances and EEO complaints and a petition to Congressional representatives.”

I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Malig could use some additional training. 

Source: San Francisco, “San Francisco Postal Workers Call for Removal of Abusive Boss.”

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