Summer Seminars: The Advanced Employment Issues Symposium

As is the usual Young Conaway Stargatt and Taylor practice, the Employment Law Department has several upcoming seminars on the agenda in Delaware and across the country. To keep you in the loop, here’s a quick run-down of the basic info for each:


William W. Bowser will be one of the panelists during the Opening Keynote at this year’s annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS).  The topic for this year’s Keynote is “New Year, New President, and the Outlook for Employers.” This is AEIS’s 13th year and it continues to get better.  The first program dates are September 25-26 in Las Vegas.  Bill will be speaking at the keynote in Las Vegas and in Nashville, TN on October (16-17).  The Symposium was held in Nashville a few back to phenomenal success, which we expect will be repeated again this year.


Bill and Scott A. Holt will speak together in Nashville for the preconference workshop “Avoiding e-Danger Zones: How to Reduce the Legal Risks of E-Mail, IM, Employee Blogging, Social Media, and Other Workplace Technologies.”  You may already know that Bill is a local legend for his always up-to-date knowledge of the most cutting-edge technology. And Scott, of course, is no stranger to technology either.  And both of them can certainly speak from experience when it comes to blogging in the workplace!  


The duo also spoke recently at the May meeting of the Delaware chapter of Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).  There were over 100 human resource professionals in attendance, anxious to learn about the newly proposed FMLA regulations.

Adria B. Martinelli will be attending the both sessions of the AEIS conference prepared to answer tough questions from attendees as a panelist for the session, “Bring it On! Your Toughest FMLA Questions Answered.”  She will also be the speaker for a break-out session, “When FMLA and Pregnancy Leave Collide: How to Avoid Costly Discrimination Claims.”

In August, Bill will team up with Molly DiBianca to conduct a live webinar on the ins and outs of technology in the workplace. 

All of the attorneys in the Employment Law Group teach seminar “on-site” at the employer organization’s facility. The variety of topics is expansive.  For example, this month alone, Molly will conduct in-house seminars this month on Internal Investigations, as well as Age Discrimination training, and Adria is assisting a client prepare drug-and-alcohol education training.  Contact any of the attorneys in the section for more information about customized training at your facility.

For more information on the AEIS conferences, visit HR Hero’s website.  The Delaware Chapter of SHRM hosts events frequently, which are listed at their website.  When more information on the August webinar, we’ll be sure to give you an update and, of course, you can always check the Young Conaway Employment Law Group’s webpage, as well. 

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