February 19 – 21: ALA Extraordinary Law Firm Conference

Law firms rely on their Legal Administrators. Legal Administrators have oversight of the general management of their firms from the business end of the operations. I have been honored with an invitation to speak at the Association of Legal Administrator’s (ALA), Extraordinary Law Firm Conference in February 2009. The Extraordinary Law Firm Conference is designed for Legal Administrators who put value on the quality of the workplace.

The weekend-long program is targeted towards Executive Directors, Principal Administrators, Human Resource Directors, and Managing Partners in law firms of all sizes who are looking to create an extraordinary place to work. Using an innovative, hands-on workshop format, participants will examine the elements that make a law firm extraordinary, and have an opportunity to create a customized implementation strategy to enhance your place of work.

I will be speaking on employee engagement in law firms–i.e., how to get lawyers and staff to take real ownership in their work. Employee engagement, at least as I define it, is a combination of loyalty to the organization and sustained enthusiasm and passion for one’s work. It is, really, the Holy Grail of our modern culture–to really and truly love your job so much that it doesn’t seem like a job at all.

The ALA has a website for the Extraordinary Law Firm Conference that will be updated as the speakers and schedule is finalized.

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