Top 5 FLSA Topics

Employers in Delaware and beyond have at least a small obsession with the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). And rightly so, given the current litigation climate. The posts in the employment and human resources blogospheres reflect the interest in everything related to compensable time.  There were so many great posts over the weekend, in fact, that it’s safe to say we’ll never get around to devoting an entire post to each one.  Instead, here are the Top 5 issues we think are most important for employers to have on their radars.

Compensatory TimeTop 5

The Employers’ Law Blog and the Washington Labor & Employment Wire both have posts on the new comp-time bill proposed in the House last week.  The Employers’ Law Blog has a short post alerting employers of a proposed amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The Family-Friendly Workplace Act was introduced on May 14, 2008.  The Act would permit private employers to “pay” employees in compensatory time for overtime hours worked.  Traditionally this option has been available primarily to public sector employees.  The post, Comp Time in the Private Sector?, is a quick read to ensure your up to speed on the current state of law as well as the potential changes.  The Washington L&E Wire’s post offers more comprehensive coverage for those who want the full scoop.



It’s that time of year.  High-school students are looking for summer work.  College students are looking for internships. Ah, interns.  Students seek experience and hands-on-training.  Employers seek enthusiastic, eager, and inexpensive additions to the workforce.  Over the past two or three weeks, I’ve received several questions about intern compensation and this comprehensive article covers the whole spectrum of issues. The article, How to Protect Yourself From the Hidden Dangers of Unpaid Internships, posted on the Labor and Employment Law Blog, is  a good post for those who want a bit more detail.


The (Non-)Compensable Commute

Another hot topic this week was the decision from the Second Circuit, Singh v. City of New York, which addressed whether carrying documents to and from work was compensable commuting time.  Thankfully, the answer is “No.”  Some of the blogs to discuss this important decision include, The California Wage Law Blog, Wait a Second!, the 2d Circuit Civil Rights Blog, The Connecticut Employment Law Blog, and the New York Public Personnel Blog.


Administrative Exemption to Overtime

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued a new Administrator-signed opinion letter that addresses the administrative exemption.  The letter is discussed at The Laconic Law Blog and back at The Washington Labor & Employment Wire.



Although technically, this isn’t an FLSA topic, it’s still worthy of the Top 5.  This blog regularly posts on current FLSA issues so it’s almost guaranteed that a Top 5 topic will show up sooner or later at the Fair Labor Standards Act Blog.


And Don’t Forget . . .

Of course, I can’t leave our own Scott A. Holt off the list. Scott blogged on two really interesting FLSA issues this week, “Keeping Your Employees In the Loop Via Blackberry May Lead to Overtime Litigation,” and “Overtime Lawyer Champion of the Middle-Class Worker.”

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