Pardon Me? Anchorwoman’s Cursing Caught on Live TV

Office etiquette can define corporate culture.  Employers should be aware of etiquette violations.  Some, like office gossip, require swift and serious action.  Others, like personal grooming (or lack thereof), can require a more delicate reaction by management.  A recent study shows that one of the most serious violations is the use of four-letter words at work.  Bad timing, it seems, for New York City anchorwoman, Sue Simmons.

Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough, long-time co-anchors on WNBC/Ch. 4 in New York

New York anchor Sue Simmons made a major faux pas on live television last week.  Simmons threw out the F-bomb during what she thought was an off-air moment.  But, unfortunately for Simmons, the show was very much live.  Oops.

Interestingly, viewers have been very supportive, citing her long history as an anchorwoman with NBC.  And what about NBC?  Apparently, her employer has been equally supportive.

What makes this even more interesting is the recent study by, which showed that 36% of bosses have issued a formal warning for swearing.  6% have actually fired an employee for use of foul language.  The survey of more than two thousand executives earning $100k+ also found that 81.2% of senior executives find cursing to be unacceptable in the workplace.

Lucky for Sue Simmons, it seems that NBC’s top executives aren’t included in that 81.2%.  Philadelphia news anchor, Alycia Lane, wasn’t so lucky.  The CBS anchorwoman was fired when she was criminally charged after allegedly assaulting a New York police officer and calling the female officer a very unlady-like four-letter word.   For more on that story, see my prior post, “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatch’ Gonna’ Do When They Work for You?”

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