DelaWELL, Delaware’s Health-Management Program for Public Sector Employees, Wins National NASPE Award

Congratulations to the State of Delaware for winning the 2008 National Association of State Personnel Executives (NASPE) Eugene H. Rooney Jr. Award for its DelaWELL program.

DelaWELL is the State government’s comprehensive health-management program for all full-time state, school district, charter school, and higher-education employees and pre-65 retirees. Spouses and dependents over the age of 18 who are covered under the state group health plan are eligible also.

DelaWELL encourages participants to live a healthy lifestyle as a way of controlling health-care costs. The program offerings are quite impressive:

  • Confidential, online or paper-based Health Risk Assessment
  • Onsite Biometric Health Screenings to include blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose testing with review of personal results with a Health Coach
  • Weight Watchers® offerings to assist employees in their weight management efforts
  • Cardio Health Assessments available to employees only, first-come basis, 600 slots available
  • Personalized Lifestyle & Disease Management Coaching Programs- delivery options include phone based, mail and online programs.
  • Online Health Resources (Health and Safety Education Centers, Self-Care Resources, Wellness Library, Drug Database, Health Quizzes and Calculators, Recipes, Daily Health News, Quarterly Newsletter and Much More)
  • Onsite Health Seminars, Events & Activities
  • Health Education Campaigns/Communications/Incentives
  • Unlimited Access to a HelpLine

Delaware will receive the award during the awards banquet on Tuesday evening, July 15, during NASPE’s 2008 annual meeting. in Oklahoma City.

Information on the DelaWELL is available here.

[H/T to the Capital Comment Blog]

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