Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Miller Credits Wilmington Attorney William W. Bowser as a Champion in the Fight Against Cancer

Delaware’s Governor Minner received the Wallace M. Johnson award from the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce in March 2008. The award recognized the Governor’s work to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and increase prevention and screening efforts in the First State. On the Governor’s blog, she reciprocated the praise by spotlighting some of the groups and individuals who helped change the State’s approach to cancer treatment and prevention.

Among those mentioned is our own Bill Bowser, a partner in the Employment Law Department at Young Conaway. Bill is the Chair of the Delaware Cancer Consortium, the group that Governor Minner credits as one of the central reasons for the State’s successful initatives.

The Governor writes:

In 2001, we approached a vested group of legislators, business leaders, medical professionals, and concerned Delawareans to form the Delaware Cancer Consortium, which was charged with making recommendations to help reduce our cancer rate. Their recommendations included the Clean Indoor Air Act, the Delaware Cancer Treatment Program, Screening for Life, the Nurse Navigator program, and the Delaware QuitLine, among many others. Because of their help and the leadership of chairman Bill Bowser, we have been able to help families and save lives.

Also worth noting for employers, the Consortium has implemented a workforce/workplace initiative. The Workforce/Workplace Committe is committed to its mission to:

Improve clinical and support services in the workplace to better manage symptoms and rehabilitation and accommodate disabilities associated with the disease. As a result, employers can increase the numbers of cancer survivors who successfully return to work. The dynamics in the workplace-just as in the routine of living-change dramatically for a cancer survivor. Inability to work regular hours can affect finances and health insurance. Social connections may be lost. Professional selfr-espect, self-esteem and satisfaction can suffer. For the employer, productivity may be affected. If there are physical limitations, the employer may alter job assignments, which can enhance employer-employee relations.

Bill’s many years of hard work and dedication to the First State’s fight against cancer is appreciated by many and the effects of his work have been felt by countless Delaware citizens.