Delaware Attorney Barry Willoughby Leads By Example

Being a Better Leader

If you have an interest in Leadership and Managment skills, then you’ve probably tapped into the great resources offered by the Harvard Business Review. In the April edition of HBR, there is an article titled, “Be a Better Leader, Lead a Better Life.” The article argues that a good work-life balance is an essential qualification for those who seek to be good leaders.

This concept probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most managers. Being locked in an office all day and night will inevitably skew perception of the “real world.” And, let’s face it, the “real world” is where your staff lives. If you fail to prioritize your life outside of the office, it’s easy to see how quickly a divide can develop between you and your reports.

And let’s not overlook the obvious–if your work-life balance is in line, you’re destined to be a happier person. Everyone likes happy people. And nobody likes a grouchy boss. If you have happiness outside of your work, people will want to work for you.

Really, it’s true. Just ask attorney Barry M. Willoughby, Chair of the Emloyment Law Department at YCS&T, who is pictured above. The picture features Barry on a recent fishing business trip to Florida, where he managed to wrestle in a 25 lb. grouper. See how happy he looks? Trust me, his loyal team appreciates a good work-life balance in our leaders.

Another thing that should make you happy: During the month of April, the normally subscription-based Harvard Business and Harvard Business Review are both totally free.

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