X-treme Employee Loyalty

Powerball Winners Return to WorkHow loyal are your employees? Really, how loyal? How about $276 million dollars worth of loyalty?

Apparently, the Tax Office at the Monogalia County Sheriff’s Department in Charleston, West Virginia is doing something right because that is exactly how loyal their employees are. Eight employees of the Tax office claimed a winning Powerball ticket worth $276.3 million on Tuesday, having seen their numbers selected during the Saturday night drawing. But that was only after they reported to work on Monday, business as usual.

The “Lucky Eight” range in length of service at the Tax Office from 1 yr to 35 years. But they all went back to work, though Linda Fominko, who bought the winning ticket, said that they weren’t necessarily going to work forever and some may consider retiring early. But not right away she said, “Who knows, down the line, in a few months or a year?”

After taxes, each woman will take home $11.9 million. Yet each of them felt passionately enough about the work that they do and about the community that they believe relies on them, to return to work on Monday morning. Obviously, these individuals are pretty level-headed to reserve the major celebrations for after they check in with financial planners, attorneys, and the like. But level-headed or not, their extreme loyalty to their work must say something about their working environment and, likely, their employer.

What are you doing to ensure employee loyalty? Do you think any of your employees would return to work post-Powerball victory? What is it about your workplace that your employees love and what can be made better?

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