Going Green at Work

Over the last year, I have been trying to “go green.” I switched to Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, recycle most everything I can, and started using cotton shopping bags. Heck, I even constructed a yard waste composter!

Once I get to work, however, I am far paler shade of green. I use Styrofoam cups for my coffee, print out every draft motion or brief, and leave my computer on 24/7.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, I have been thinking about ways to change some habits at the office.

Treehugger.com has the following 10 tips on greening the office here. The Sierra Club has a top 10 list here. TheGoodHuman.com has a list of 10 ways to save paper at work here.

Have you thought about or started a green office program for your office?