June 3: Hold Off on Layoffs: Furloughs, Salary Freezes, and Other Labor-Cost Cutters

Layoffs are not the only option for employers who want to cut labor costs.  There are a number of alternatives to layoffs that employers can consider before implementing mandatory reductions in force. I’ll be discussing these alternatives in an audio conference on June 3.  image Here are the details:

Learn how furloughs and other layoff alternatives can actually minimize your organization’s risk of facing a wage and hour lawsuit and reduce costs. 

  • How mandatory furloughs are structured and how to use them to reduce your organization’s legal risks
  • The problems with layoffs: Understanding the real costs of layoffs and why they cost employers money in the long run
  • When — and how — salary reductions can stave off a RIF
  • The pros and cons of using hiring freezes and attritions to alter recruitment programs
  • How other layoff alternatives work, such as sabbaticals and shortened workweeks
  • When it makes sense to convert full-time employees to contractors
  • How to avoid discrimination claims arising from the temporary reassignment or transfer of employees
  • Wage and hour challenges associated with telecommuters, including unique expenses, overtime challenges, worktime verification, rest break enforcement, meal periods and “on-call” time
  • How FMLA coverage and eligibility may be affected when implementing layoff alternatives and how to avoid making an inaccurate determination
  • How to deal with internal roadblocks when implementing layoff alternatives, such as a collective bargaining agreements
  • Policy issues that surface when restricting overtime and eliminating bonuses
  • How to use departmental restructurings to avoid layoffs and improve productivity

To register, visit the HR Hero website’s page on the audio conference:  Hold Off On Layoffs: Furloughs, Salary Freezes, and Other Labor-Cost Cutters.

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